How to fix deepin 15.1 slow update issue

One major issue I faced with deepin was with the software updater and installing any software’s from store. Even though I have a 50 mbps connection, the update or installation was dead slow. You don’t even feel like there is any activity happening. I searched and found that the issue is with the default mirror Deepin is using and following steps can be followed to rectify this issue (also please check the update below)control_center

  1. Open the control center by either taking your mouse pointer to the right bottom corner or clicking on to the “Control Center” icon on the dock bar.
  2. Now locate the icon which resembles “i” inside a circle (please check screenshot) and clicking on it will open the deepin information panel.
  3. Locate the update section and click on to the Gear icon. This will open a new section with 2 options. Select the button with text “Switch” next to “Mirrors”.
  4. On clicking on to Switch will open a list of repository mirrors. Left text is the mirror name and the right text is the speed of the mirror.
  5. Locate if any mirrors got speed “Fast”, if so select that else select any of the “Medium” speed mirror.
  6. Once done click on to “Done” button. Now the update/install should be much faster.


The above solution was initially working for me, but after few days it was not. Even the faster mirror was giving me very low speed and it was quite annoying. Due to this problem i had to switch from Deepin to another distro (currently am using Mint Linux). As of now i didn’t find any other solution to fix this issue and hope developers will fix this issue in the near future.

Swaroop Shankar V


  1. It never worked for me. Whatever I do, it’s damn slow. I tried Deepin for 3 days, searching for a fix for this bug, nothing is efficient. Had to go back to Mint.

    • Initially it worked for me later on I started to face the problem again. Maybe i need to check the latest version and see if its fixed.

  2. Trying it now – 15.1 and so far very impressed with the functional and elegant design. Did you ever discover that you can get a live installation using the second boot option (called ‘Failsafe or something’?

    • Thanks @THESAILOR, I was not aware of such an option was available. In my review of Deepin, one issue I raised was the missing option for live booting. If the option for live bootin is named Failsafe, then i think that is a confusing term to use.

  3. it wont help, tried it many many many times and different computers. deepin repository work slow even you change update location. its wonderful distribution, even iphone 4G connection works out of the box but repository slowness is horrible. it makes deepin unusable 🙁

    everything else works.

    • Hi Jebu, thanks for your comment. Yes, the repository is very slow. If you are interested in continuing with Deepin DE you can try Manjaro Linux with Deepin DE which works fine. I will be doing a review of this distro soon.

  4. I really like what the desktop interface from Linux Deepin. Except in one thing…. slow speed connection on software updater. I have tried all over fast mirror, but nothing gonna change, it dammed slow, even on the 10 MBps connection. I think the won’t share their distribution to us…. ??

    • If you are interested in the deepin desktop I would suggest you to try out manjaro deepin community edition. It is fast, even the updates and you can enjoy the complete deepin desktop experience just like the Deepin OS. Only thing is that the distro is based on Arch instead of Ubuntu.

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