How to bypass CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) issue using headers or json-p

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While preparing this article I referred multiple articles and blogs. Following are the links worth mentioning and will be really helpful to get indepth knowledge on CORS.
CORS Wikipedia
Cross-domain Ajax with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Setting CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) on Apache with correct response headers allowing everything through



Swaroop Shankar V


  1. You can also check the open source program [Bypass Cors](https://chrishham.github.io/BypassCors/) ,
    an installable Electron App (Windows/Mac/Linux), that lets you Bypass ALL CORS Restrictions permanently,
    by allowing you to set your own custom Headers (+Origin).

    It is specifically designed to work with Web Apps and its perfect for Real Time Scraping.

    Disclaimer: I am the author of the program.

    • Thanks, Christopher, your project looks interesting. Will give it a try

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